Meet the Crystal Clear Mascots!

Introducing Gem, Geo, and Amber:
Your Language-Learning Companions!

Meet Gem and Geo! “Woof woof!” Oh, and of course, I can’t forget dear Amber! These three lovable brand characters are the Crystal Clear mascots, who are here to take your students on a language-learning adventure!

If you’ve ever used materials from the Crystal Clear Kids Curriculum, chances are you’ve already had the pleasure of meeting this dynamic trio of best friends. But who exactly are Gem, Geo, and Amber, and where do they come from?

The Crystal Clear kids and their four-legged sidekick have been tasked with the important job of guiding you and your students through Crystal Clear Levels One, Two, and Three. Their job is to help young students learn and practise English in a way that’s fun, memorable, and relatable!

Gem, Geo, and Amber step straight from the heart of Crystal Clear ESL founder, Crystal Weber’s very own family! Gem is a reflection of Crystal’s spirited daughter, Isla, while Geo channels the energy of Crystal’s Hot Wheels enthusiast son, Logan. Amber’s personality and cuddly looks are drawn from Charlie, the Weber family’s female Shiba Inu pooch! Isn’t she adorable?

The Crystal Clear mascots are ready to meet the world of ESL teaching, so stick around, and let’s get to know them better!

Meet Gem – The Sparkling Songstress

The charismatic Gem is nine years old, and she is Geo’s older sister. She’s a typical princess with a hint of Leo sassiness! Gem radiates a love for all things pink and sparkly! Her favourite animal is a unicorn (who says they don’t exist?), and she enjoys eating sushi more than any other food on the menu. Gem has a big heart and adores animals. Her mum describes her as clever and kind, with loads of attitude!
When Gem isn’t playing with Amber, you can find her singing karaoke ballads and writing her own songs. When Gem grows up, she dreams of penning lyrics for famous pop stars, so she must be extra diligent with her English lessons. Gem knows the gateway to her dreams is through mastering the English language!

Meet Geo – The Energetic Explorer

Geo is Gem’s younger brother. He is a down-to-earth Taurus with a need for speed! The most important thing Geo wants you to know about him is that he LOVES fast cars! His favourite pastime is playing with his Hot Wheels collection and arranging his toy cars in ‘parking lots’ around the house. In Geo’s world, anything can be a race track! Geo is only six years old, but he already has BIG dreams of one day becoming a professional race car driver – watch out, Lewis Hamilton!
Geo’s favourite food is sweet, sticky donuts and cereal for breakfast, lunch, and supper. His favourite subject at school is maths, and his favourite colour, yellow, is matched by his bright, sunny disposition! His mum describes him as clever, caring, and funny. Wherever Geo goes, a barrel of laughs is bound to follow with his funny antics and jest.

Meet Amber – The Talking Tail-Wagger

Amber is a majestic Shiba Inu dog and a real cutie to boot (or should I say, to paw?).
Wherever Gem goes, Amber is sure to be close by. Amber can secretly talk to Gem, and if you listen closely, you might just catch snippets of their heart-to-hearts! Amber can be very stubborn, but her penchant for cheese will have her eating out of your hand! Amber loves going for walks in the English countryside with her two best friends, Gem and Geo. After a long day of napping in the sun and dreaming of chasing rabbits, Amber enjoys eating, followed by more napping! Amber doesn’t know how to play ‘Fetch’; instead, she hides all her toys in her bed!

Join the Crystal Clear Adventures!

These captivating characters form the heart of the Crystal Clear world and enrich the lessons with their vibrant personalities. They’re more than just mascots – they’re companions on your ESL journey, fostering a lifelong love for learning through interactive activities, games, and storytelling!

Now that you’ve met the heroes behind the Kids Curriculum, they’d like to meet you and your students! Gem, Geo, and Amber want to expand their circle of friends to reach young learners all across the globe!

Sign up for the Crystal Clear Kids Curriculum or Kids Curriculum Bundle to join these besties as they explore the world of ESL!

Dive deeper into the Crystal Clear world:

Join Gem, Geo, and Amber on their linguistic escapades in the NEW Crystal Clear Levelled Readers launching soon! These much-anticipated Readers invite you and your students into Gem and Geo’s vibrant world where you can meet the rest of the squad, like Pat, Geo’s best friend, and the two cheeky aliens who are always close by to stir up mischief!

💡Teaching Tip!💡
Create popsicles props of Gem, Geo and Amber to introduce them to your students! You can use your mascot props for dialogue modelling, games and role playing in online lessons!
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