Student Feedback – examples

Audio copy:

Use a voice recorder app to provide feedback verbally – it’s quicker and acts as a bonus listening task for students.

Written copy:

Hi CiCi,

It’s Teacher Crystal. Thank you for joining me in class today. In today’s lesson we had a lot of fun while you learned the key terms, /green/, /yellow/, /tree/ and /bird/ as well as the verb, /to know/. You really impressed me with your confidence in creating full sentences using the key words, especially when you answered my questions about hobbies in the Present Continuous tense! Amazing job, Cici! Remember to add a form of /to be/ before your –ing verb, such as He is swimming now or I am going to school. Your pronunciation of the /r/ sound was very good today – can you list three words that begin with /r/ for next class? Next class you will learn /black/, /white/, /cup/ and /hair/ as well as the verb, /to point/. I am so excited to teach you again on Thursday! Keep up the great work, Cici! Bye!

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