China Payment Portal

An easy payment portal that accepts AliPay and card payments from your own Chinese clients, and transfers them into your USD bank account in just seven business days? What could be easier? Roll in professional, stress-free digital curricula included as standard, and you’ve got yourself a freelance ESL business!

Sample Lessons

A library of dynamic incremental lessons including all exercises, games and regular assessments makes teaching a breeze!

Frequently Asked Questions

Crystal Clear ESL is not currently a language school and does not hire teachers; rather, I support freelance colleagues launch and build their businesses through provision of professional curricula and a payment portal for Chinese clients already on those colleagues’ books. I do not have contact with students.

Crystal Clear ESL is a payment intermediary only, I do not offer customer support to your clients, only to you, the teacher. Feel free to email for any teacher queries. As a freelancer, you are required to liaise with support to your students.

Crystal Clear ESL offers client refunds at teachers’ request within two weeks of internal payment processing and only if entire refund value is returned by the teacher to Crystal Clear ESL. It is advisable to offer your client a trial class before payment is made to avoid refund situations. A $30.00 USD administration fee will be applied to any refund. Refunds must be initiated in writing and may take 10 business days to process once all funds are received. After two week refund period, refunds will not be processed in any circumstances.

In addition to having your Chinese client payment processed through to your US bank account, you will be granted access to a library of professional, step-by-step digital ESL lessons for individual, commercial use. These can only be ‘streamed’ via your Crystal Clear ESL portal, not altered or downloaded. Currently there are four beginner+ levels of material available, plus a Business English course, with plans to add higher levels in early 2022.

In addition to this, the fee for payment processing includes legal and insurance costs to protect you, your clients and the money involved as well as a small admin fee. This fee and the total rates are subject to change, with effect on all new payments.

As a Crystal Clear ESL client, you (the teacher) can email: info@esl-curriculum with any queries you have. Please expect a reply within 2 business days. Your client (the student) should not be provided with Crystal Clear ESL contact details at any time, and their queries should be handled by you.

The Client Payment Placement form allows Crystal Clear ESL to link up a payment received to the relevant teacher, so YES, you must fill in the form for every new student, and every time the same student sends through a payment. Unfortunately, if a Client Payment Placement form is not received within seven business days of receiving a student payment, I will be forced to refund the payment to the student.

Yes, I do! Please email me for updated pricing info on receiving your payments to UK, Canadian or other accounts:

Please feel free to email me for clarification: or use the chat button.

First, use the Teacher Registration Form to register on the portal. This links to the China Payment Portal page, which has further links to pricing options YOU choose from. Once you’ve decided on the pricing level that best matches your desired rates, you give your clients the URL (copied from the browser page bar) to visit the pricing page directly. They choose a bundle of classes and place payment. You then fill in the Client Payment Placement form back within your portal in order to direct that payment to your bank account.