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Crystal Clear ESL offers the only China payment processing with curricula bundle in the industry. We are proud to handle your student payments via AliPay and WeChatPay, convert them into USD and provide you dynamic digital curricula in four easy steps.

NEW pricing options allow you to customise your student contracts!


Four Easy Steps to Receive China Payments

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Click your choice, copy the URL and share it with your student

Frequently Asked Questions

The pricing bundles at Crystal Clear ESL are now fully customisable. You can begin by either deciding what you want to earn OR what you want to charge per class. Experienced, degree-holding English teachers can earn $8-30 per class (up to 30 minutes), with $1/minute being quite standard for native speakers. Chinese students normally pay ¥80-200 for the same.

Once you’ve got a value in mind, use the pricing links to divide. For example, ¥3000/30 classes means your student will pay ¥100 per class. The corresponding payout is $304, so 304/30 means you will earn $10.13/class, guaranteed. Not as much as you want? Maybe offer 25 classes for that ¥3000, or choose a bundle price of ¥3500.

You can choose multiple pricing links for your students, allowing them to decide how many classes to buy with you. You may want to offer a small volume discount, to incentivise your students to commit to you for longer. Click the button for your bundle price and copy the URL. Share this URL with your students by email/message or embed it on your website.

Use of the China Payment Portal at Crystal Clear ESL allows you INCLUSIVE access to a library of professional, step-by-step digital ESL lessons for individual, commercial use. These can be ‘streamed’ via your Crystal Clear ESL portal, not altered or downloaded. Currently, Crystal Clear ESL is the ONLY complete core curriculum of our type.

Curriculum is included in your payment. Retail value is: $89.91 for three months; $179.82 for six months and $359.64 for twelve months.

There are no added fees when using the Crystal Clear ESL China Payment Portal. All insurance, transaction, currency conversion and administrative fees are included within the ‘Guaranteed Payout Value’. Any fluctuations between RMB and USD are absorbed within curriculum fees, so you always know what you’ll earn! All fees are subject to change, effective for new payments only.

Please be mindful of the Terms and Conditions for using the Payment Portal.

Crystal Clear ESL is not currently a language school and does not hire teachers; rather, I support freelance colleagues launch and build their businesses through provision of professional curricula and a payment portal for Chinese clients already on those colleagues’ books. I do not have contact with students.

Crystal Clear ESL is a payment intermediary only, I do not offer customer support to your clients, only to you, the teacher. Feel free to email for any teacher queries. As a freelancer, you are required to liaise with support to your students. Your own client contract is strongly advised.

Crystal Clear ESL offers client refunds at teachers’ request within two weeks of Teacher Payout Date and only if entire refund value is returned by the teacher to Crystal Clear ESL. It is advisable to offer your client a trial class before payment is made to avoid refund situations. A $30.00 USD administration fee will be applied to any refund. Refunds must be initiated in writing and may take 10 business days to process once all funds are received. Refunds are processed at current conversion rates. After the two week refund period, refunds will not be processed in any circumstances.

As a Crystal Clear ESL client, you (the teacher) can email: with any queries you have. Please expect a reply within 2 business days. Your client (the student) should not be provided with Crystal Clear ESL contact details at any time, and their queries should be handled by you.

The Student Payment Placement form allows Crystal Clear ESL to link up a payment received to the relevant teacher, so YES, you must fill in the form for every new student, and every time the same student sends through a payment. Unfortunately, if a Student Payment Placement form is not received within seven business days of receiving a student payment, I will be forced to refund the payment to the student.

Yes, I do! Please email me for updated pricing info on receiving your payments to UK, Canadian or other accounts: Please note that student payments are automatically converted from RMB into USD, so transferring into a third currency will incur added costs. In all cases, if you can open a Wise bank account, this will be the cheapest and quickest method to receive payments from the Portal. This invitation will entitle you to a free first transfer.

Crystal Clear ESL is primarily an ESL curricula provider. I do not offer payment processing separately. But, you can absolutely subscribe to curricula alone! Please see all the other pages of the website for more details about curricula without payment processing.

Feeling stuck? We’d be pleased to help! Please feel free to email us for clarification: or use the chat button.

1. Fill in the Teacher Registration Form to register on the portal – this is so I can manually activate your curriculum subscription. Share the link for Student Registration with your student, and ensure they register, too. Both these registrations are FREE.

2. Calculate which link(s) you want to use, depending on how much your classes cost students, and how much you want to earn.

3. Click the price you choose. Copy and send the URL link(s) to your students or embed them on your website.

4. Fill in a Student Payment Placement form for EVERY payment you expect – this is so I can link incoming payments to teachers and pay balances into the correct bank accounts. Payouts usually take no more than 10 business days, and I will update you at each leg of the transaction, so you always know where your funds are.

Sample Lessons

A library of dynamic incremental lessons including all exercises, games and regular assessments makes teaching a breeze!