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Levelled Readers

$ 15
  • 60+ interactive lessons
  • 5 proficiency levels
  • American or British English
  • Fully gamified

Levelled Readers

$ 9
  • 60+ interactive lessons
  • 5 proficiency levels
  • American or British English
  • Supplement ANY curriculum


Frequently Asked Questions

The Crystal Clear core curriculum (8 levels, included in Phonics, Kids’ and Advanced) is intended for a ‘all-skills’ approach. While these lessons do include Readers, there are exercises and objectives across Reading skills as well as Writing, Speaking and Listening. Conversely, the Levelled Reader curriculum focuses pretty strictly on reading comprehension, Phonics and reading skills. Of course, skilled teachers could quite easily adapt the Reading curriculum to include other skills, too, and still offer it as a well-rounded approach. Both currricula are sequential and gamified. Currently we are building out the new LR curriculum to include British English and American, as well as built-in audio clips. Eventually these features will be added to the core curriculum too. Take some time to compare the Level Reader Free Lesson Library with a free trial of the core curriculum product that suits you so you can directly compare the two, with no financial commitment. I’d LOVE to hear your feedback and comparison between the two!! Feel free to email us: info@esl-curriculum.

Shhhhh!!! You’ve noticed our little secret! 😉 While we have already launched 60 fantastic Readers, there are many more to come! We do not currently have a publication date for the rest, but watch this space, as we’ll be filling in gaps soon.

We’ve decided to open a ‘free forever’ library instead of offering a free trial of the Levelled Reader curriculum. We hope this provides value to all teachers, even those who can’t invest in a membership.

Yes, we will be offering exclusive discounts for our loyal members. Check out our ‘Join Now’ page for more details.

Our professionally-designed Levelled Reader curriculum is comprised of jam-packed lessons with interactive features, including:

  • Learning Objectives
  • Key Word exercises
  • Fun revision games
  • Extension ideas and challenges
  • An dynamic reward system
  • Multi-media enhancements
  • American & British English audiobooks
  • Customisable Feedback forms

The Storybooks Only option are suitable to supplement other curricula or lessons, and include the storybooks only.

Since we are a ‘bootstrap start-up’ created by a teacher just like you, we don’t have a huge budget for voice actors, among other splurges. Therefore, at the moment, we are restricted in the number of character voices we can apply, and decided overall narrator voices would be most useful. We will circle back to update by character as our success permits in future!

It is unlikely your student will know all the words and sounds within the Readers. Wherever relevant, we have incorporated images to highlight word meanings; however, for beginners it is more important to hear the language, cadence and tone than understand every word. Don’t hesitate to read specific Readers repeatedly in one or different lessons. Encourage students to listen and repeat. If Phonics are an issue, consider swapping to our Level One (preschool) or Level Two (school-aged) lesson materials from the core curriculum (Phonics; Kids’ bundles) and supplementing with these Readers – in these lessons Phonics are more explicitly taught.