My TOP TIP for Success in 2022

You are a teacher. You are a freelance teacher. Ergo, you are a business professional.

Now is the time to launch your online ESL business with your best, professional foot forward, to do it right. Successful businesses start with formal business plans; these are roadmaps to success. As a freelance ESL teacher, you should create a business plan, too. Sound daunting? It doesn’t have to be, and can actually help you tackle all those tough pre-launch decisions. The simplest way to create a business plan is to use a template: HAPPY DAYS, my old fav Canva has tons of free ones. You follow the step-by-step instructions et voilà! You’ve got a business plan. Here are some usual features of a business plan:

  • Mission Statement: what is/are your company ethos? Values? Mission?
  • Problem: what need do you plan to fill?
  • Existing alternatives: research your competition – how are you different?
  • Solution: what do you actually plan to offer?
  • Key metrics: how will you measure success – a timeline? Deadlines? Goals?
  • Cost structure: what costs are necessary, and optional?
  • SWOT Analysis: discover how you’re positioned in the market by evaluating your company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • 4 P’s of Marketing: how will you position your business effectively?
  • Marketing Funnel: what are the stages of your client life-cycle? How will you successfully convert leads?
  • Design your avatar: who is your ideal client? By tapping into your client mindset, you’ll be able to exactly align your solution to their problem.

When you spend some time preparing a plan, you pave the way for the success of your business – you anticipate potential problems, you problem solve, you research and you navigate those tough choices like the pro you are!

Join me, Crystal, from Crystal Clear ESL with special guest, Michael Gibben, founder of Coach for Tutors in a LIVE Q&A on Monday, 13 December at 13:30 GMT. We will be discussing Michael’s FIVE Must-Have Tutoring Business Tips for 2022.

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