NEW co-browsing platform & HUGE voucher code: Welcome RemoteHQ!

Seamless interactivity in Crystal Clear ESL lessons using the NEW RemoteHQ co-browser is finally here! Students can finally click, grab and drag over their iPads and other touchscreen devices. RemoteHQ offers an intuitive, stable solution for students of any age, from any location worldwide!

Check out my exclusive backstage tour of the platform with founder, Waikit Lau! I go through all your questions so you know exactly how to get started on RemoteHQ.

The BEST news? Crystal Clear ESL has secured freelance ESL teachers a fantastic 35% discount, and a jaw-dropping THREE WEEK FREE TRIAL! Visit www.remotehq.com and enter the code: TUTOR_RHQ_CRYSTAL

Important notes about RemoteHQ voucher code:

  1. RemoteHQ still requires a credit card to in order to claim the free trial (it just the way their payment processor, Stripe, works);
  2. Also, when you signs up, RemoteHQ will charge them $3 (the normal trial fee), but they will immediately refund the $3 (again, another quirk in order for RemoteHQ to offer the free trial fast, without rewriting their system).Please don’t be surprised by the $3 charge – RemoteHQ will refund it the same day or the day after;
  3. At the end of the 3 weeks, RemoteHQ will convert educators on trials to paid usage if they have not cancelled;
  4. Unlimited guests (students) can be invited for free; however, if you invite hosts (e.g. other teachers) to your account, these will be charged at $9.75 per host per month.

Please contact RemoteHQ for any billing or support questions: support@remotehq.com

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