Genially Sends Apologies, kind of

A few users reported technically issues on 9 May, 2022, while teaching our lessons, specifically in Level Five. I have reached out to my host,, to ask why there was a glitch, what we can do to minimise it, and what actions they are taking to prevent the same in future. Here’s their reply:

So, while they acknowledge that the glitch was indeed their fault, their response isn’t very helpful!

I can recommend downloading the free back-up lessons (Materials tab, Free Lessons icon to find it on the site) for situations like these, or internet outages. It’s really the best we can do, because the internet and technology are not perfect. If you have .pdf lessons saved on your PC to fall back on during the occasional emergency, you won’t be scrambling if this happens again. I am also aiming to continue to add to this back-up library, so you have more to draw from in future.

Thanks for your wonderful support over the months – I appreciate it more than you can know!

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