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Crystal Clear English provides native English speaking teachers with a minimum of two years’ experience and a teaching certification to teach English language students around the world. We excel at adapting our teaching style and lesson content to meet the needs of any student, aged three through 99. Using professionally created lessons, we ensure your constant progress in English. We regularly feedback to you about your success, providing stretch challenges for your further improvement. At Crystal Clear English, we forward to enabling your successful English journey


我们提供具有至少三年经验和教学证书的英语母语教师,以教授世界各地的英语语言学生。我们擅长调整我们的教学风格和课程内容,以满足任何 3 岁到 99 岁学生的需求。使用专业创建的课程,我们确保您在英语方面不断进步。我们会定期向您反馈您的成功,为您的进一步改进提供挑战。我们期待为您开启成功的英语之旅。



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10 lessons

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30 lessons

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